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How it Works

Internet on the Go is Simple! We take a cellular connection and convert it into a personal Wi-Fi Signal.

Stay connected to the things you love no matter where you go

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Get Online in 3 Easy Steps

WiFi Hotspot + Plan
Pair a new hotspot with any of our low-cost data plans
Open + set Up
When your hotspot arrives, activate it online
Take Internet with You
Share wireless freedom with family and friends

choose your hotspot and get connected

Franklin Mobile Hotspot


Novatel Hotspot


When Your Hotspot Arrives

First things first please follow the steps found in the user manual to assemble your new device, then make sure its fully charged.

When the battery is charged, you can turn the device on using the power button. Your new hotspot will come preloaded with just enough data to help you register online. During the registration process, you can create an account for easy access in the future!

Use a Wi-Fi-enabled device such as a phone, tablet, or computer to access the hotspot’s network. The registration page will pop up allowing you to quickly register your device.


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