How it Works

Internet on the Go WiFi is simple! We take a cellular connection and convert it into personal WiFi signal. Now with up to 1000 MB of FREE data!

Get Online in 3 Simple Steps


Pick WiFi hotspot + Plan

Select a new WiFi hotspot
and low-cost data plan


Open It + Set Up

When your WiFi hotspot
arrives, register it online


Take Internet with You

Enjoy wireless freedom
with family and friends


1. Pick Your WiFi hotspot and Data Plan

First, select a sleek hotspot to pair with one of our contract-free data plans.
Receive up to 1000 MB of FREE data when you choose your plan.
Switch or cancel your plan at any time.

300 MB
Forever DataSM
1 GB
Forever DataSM
2 GB
Forever DataSM

2. When Your WiFi hotspot Arrives

Once your new WiFi hotspot arrives, open it! Follow the user manual to put the device together and begin charging the battery.

When the battery is fully charged, you can turn the device on using the power button.
Your new WiFi hotspot will come preloaded with just enough data to help you register online.
During the registration process, you can create an account for easy access in the future!

Use a WiFi enabled device such as a phone, tablet, or computer to access the WiFi hotspot's network. The registration page will pop up allowing you to quickly register your device.

3. Take Internet with You, Anywhere!

After your device has been registered, you can use and share your WiFi connection with friends, family, and coworkers.

Check our coverage map to see if your location is covered.



You can easily add more. Just log onto your account, decide how much Forever Data you want, and top-up your account.
1 GB is enough data to view 5,000 web pages, send 20,000 emails, post 10,000 updates, or listen to 30 hours of music.
Simply give your friends, family, or coworkers the name of your WiFi network and password. They can log on using any WiFi-enabled device.
Check our simple, easy to read coverage map . Type in the location or address where you need service and see if you’re covered.
All of our plans are contract-free! Change your plan to add more data or discontinue your plan at any time.